Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson

ChainsI know, I’m so late in reading this but I finally got around to it (historical fiction isn’t my favorite genre). I won’t summarize because there are plenty of blogs out there who already have (Librarilly Blonde and The Reading Zone are two).

I will say that I enjoyed the book enormously. Great writing, riveting perspective, heart-wrenching scenes. I am pretty surprised that it wasn’t a Newberry Honor. I wish I knew what qualified an honor book… This book is so superior to Savvy that I cannot believe a group of educated Librarians actually choose Savvy over Chains. Perhaps their undergraduate degrees were in some esoteric and irrelevant field. That is the only reason I can fathom for their misstep (although it has been know to happen –  ahem **Charlotte’s Web** ahem). Perhaps it was a case of kidlit bloggers gone amok! (If anyone can explain, please do!) That being said, The Graveyard Book was an excellent winner.

Chains was a 2008 National Book Award finalist.

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