Beginner Readers for Girls

A patron came to the desk today, asking for a “girly beginner reader.” Her daughter enjoyed the Fancy Nancy picture books and beginning readers. She wanted something that would appeal strongly to her daughter. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of anything that was ‘girly’ enough. 

I ended up recommending two picture books that mom could help read: Princess Bess Gets Dressed and Ladybug Girl. Mom took both gratefully. Are there any other pircture books or beginner readers with similar girl appeal (fancy clothing, make up, costumes, etc.)?

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One thought on “Beginner Readers for Girls

  1. There’s the Ballet Sisters books by Jan Ormerod and the Annie and Snowball books by Rylant. Both are newish seies. Oh, there’s also Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa and Zelda and Ivy, which are slightly less girly, but are still definitely girl books.

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